Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ellen (yes...again!!)

Oh yes friends...it's that time of year again. And it gets more fun every year! This year it was my mom, Melanie, Tamina and myself. We flew to Long Beach on Tuesday Jan 31, went to the Ellen Show on Wednesday. Thursday we spend the day just hanging out. Went to the beach and some shopping. And came home Friday Feb 3. It was so much fun. We stayed in Anaheim right next to Disneyland.
I didnt do a fantastic job of taking pictures...but at least I got some! Last year I completely forgot my camera.
Getting ready to leave at the airport...

Our hotel was pretty cool. My favorite that we've stayed at on our Ellen trips so far.

Spent a day at Newport Beach.

Waiting for the show.

They gave away watches on the show! Score!! I wouldn't have cared if they gave away paper clips...just so much fun to get SOMETHING!!

I'm sure I'm gonna be in trouble for posting this picture. But for some reason it's one of my favorites.

So much fun! Can't wait til next year!