Monday, January 23, 2012

3 year well check.

River had his 3 year check up with the pediatrician last week. He has grown a TON! Don't ask me how he did it, the kid eats absolute NOTHING!
Guess chocolate milk does the body good.

Here are his stats:

Weight - 36 lbs (90 %)
Height - 37 1/5 inches.(90%)
And still one big noggin! (Love it!...reminds me of a cute little cartoon character)

He's perfectly right on schedule with everything. In fact he's pretty smart for his age...I always thought he was so mature. Kinda like a little man...a mini Bret. However, he has zero interest in potty training. About 5 months ago we bought him some underpants and put him in them and took him to the potty every so often during the day. He actually had a few days with no accidents! And Then one day he decided that he wanted nothing to do it. We Couldn't even get a pair of underpants on him...and you can just forget about letting him run around with no diaper at all (which was gonna be plan b). He HAD to have his diaper on. He event tried to put one on himself. (now that was funny). Seriously stubborn. Yeah yeah yeah...we all have stubborn kids right? Well take your most stubborn kid, multiply it by a billion...and you have River. The dr assured us that this is so normal. That boys are much more difficult to train than girls (we all knew this anyway right?) He told us not to push it, and the more we try and force it...the longer it will take.
Okie Dokie dr. You're the boss! BUT if I'm still changing diapers when he's 10, then I want my money back!!
I always take pictures at these appointments. Of course I forgot my camera this time...So my phone had to do.


Dayna Carlson said...

That's my nephew!!! Way to go kiddo. Getting bigger and more handsome every single day! Love you!!

Ivy Owens said...

He is one handsome dude!You must be doing something right,he certainly has grown in the past year..Wow!Love him sooooooooooooo much!

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