Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This year we went to my mom's house for a DELICIOUS Thanksgiving feast. Not everyone was able to be there, but still a ton of fun to hang out and play some games. It was a good day. Thanks for everything you did, Mom. It was perfect!

Mr. River (a.k.a. "The Boss") spent the day in uniform. (of course I forgot to take any pictures while we were there) He was a bit of a stinker Thanksgiving morning (that's putting it lightly), so I had to bribe him with a little something I got from the dollar store. He ate his meal with his eye patch and hook and he's been wearing it ever since.
Man, that boy can be STUBBORN!

(Every pirate needs a treasure map...)


Ivy Owens said...

I always enjoy the times we get together.I thought the little pirate was actually very cute!Thanks Sarah for your delicious rolls!!!!And thank you for my cute grandson xo

Jodi Carter said...

Wow! you guys have been up to a lot!! SO fun. And I love your Christmas tree :)