Monday, August 16, 2010

Just the girls.

This past weekend I got together with 4 of my very bestest friends for a trip to Park City. We stayed Friday and Saturday night (without the kiddos!). I've been friends with these crazy girls FOREVER (3 of us go all the way back to elementary)! Now...12 years outta high school, 8 1/2 kids later (congratulations Candace!), and we've STILL got it! You know your true best friends when, no matter how long you sometimes go with out seeing each other, you can still pick up right where you left off. Every memory of high school includes these beautiful gals. Every occasion with them is the funnest (most hilarious) time ever. I love all the nicknames, one liners, inside jokes, ridiculous conversations, hilarious car memories, etc. etc. etc... Love you guys!
(Candace, Amber, Ally, me, and Liz)

It was so fun, just hanging out, shopping, and eatin' great food. Gotta love Park City!

Thanks for a fantastic weekend, ladies!