Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'd rather be a mother...

About a month ago I was at my neighbor's house. In her family room she had a little plaque on a shelf with the most amazing quote. I've been thinking about it ever since, and thought it was worth sharing...

"Some homes try to hide the fact that children shelter there. Ours boasts of it quite openly. The signs are everywhere. For smears are on the windows, little smudges on the door. I should apologize I guess for the toys strewn on the floor. But today I sat down with my children. We played and laughed and read, and if the doorbell doesnt shine, their eyes will shine instead. For when at times, I'm forced to choose, the one job or the other, Id like to be a homemaker but I would rather be a mother."

...So beautifully said.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Discovery Gateway

On Monday I went with a friend of mine to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. I've never been there before, but have walked by it several times when I've been at Gateway Mall. It was the cutest place ever! River Loved it! They had a million things that were perfect for his age group. I think We'll definitely be making another visit!

They had this cute little "grocery store" with little shopping carts that the kids can fill up and push around. It even had little check out stands where you "pay"...SO cute! (Tamina, you would love this!!)

Such a fun place for little kids! So glad we went. :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Draper Days

Today we went down to the park and had a little fun at Draper Days. River had a blast playing on the different things they had set up for kids. And we had just as much fun watching him.

Going little too fast for the camera...

The little pony ride was so cute. (Don't let his face fool you...he loved it!)

Watching the ponies. He thought they were pretty neat.

Coolin' off with a snow cone. It was SO hot!

Time to head home where the air outside is a little bit cooler!...

Fun day!! Sure do love that little stinker.

Friday, July 9, 2010

18 months...and sick :(

River had his 18 month check up this week. Dr said he looks great. However, he's had a rough week. Friday I went to lunch with my friend, and noticed he was not quite himself. Wouldn't sit still and VERY clingy to me. I thought he was just being a stinker, or grumpy. When I got home and took him out of the car he was on fire! SO warm! So I took his temp...103.2! Oh poor baby! How miserable he must have been while I was dragging him around to lunch and the store. I called his Dr's office and they had me bring him in. They weren't quite sure what he had..but said there was nothing they really could do for him. The next day he seemed to be much better. Well that was just a big tease! He had another fever that night. In fact he had a fever every day until Tuesday! He hardly ate anything that entire time!
This picture KILLS me! This was on Friday before we left to go see the Dr. His eyes were so sad and droopy.

Wednesday was his check up. Still sick. So sad...

Well, today I think he is FINALLY better! It's so nice to see him being his funny cute self again!

I cannot believe he is a year and a half!! Could somebody please make time slow down a little? Gosh!

Soooo....18 months:

23.3 lbs (Friday he was 24 sad), and 32 inches long

He's in the 20% for his weight, 55% in height, and 75% for his noggin. Such a cute lil' rascal :)