Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Gosh, it's about time! Little stinker finally got up the nerve to start walking Easter day.
(This video was taken yesterday)

15 months old today!


izztelford said...

OMG!!! River's a walker! So cute! Harlowe's got some catching up to do... xoxo

Shana and Kevin said...

So cute! Thanks for the video! Fun to see him walking.

Denise said...

I am glad you finally said yay after 2 minutes of walking. Scream and get excited a bit!!!! he he So glad he is finally walking. Then you won't have to give up your class!

Jamie and Mike said...

grandma forwarded us the video....yipee! now you need to think of something new to worry about, :)

Bret and Sarah said...

Oh Jamie, Don't worry I have a billion different things up my sleeve that I get to worry about next! ;)
haha...Denise, TRUST me I have to hold my excitement until the end of his walk otherwise he immediately drops to the floor. He gets sidetracked pretty easily. Hmmmm...maybe he did get something of mine! lol