Thursday, April 8, 2010

15 month check up

Took River in yesterday for his 15 month well check appointment. Dr said he is "fit as a fiddle" (as my mom would say). 22 lbs, and 31 inches long. Still a skinny little guy. He's 20% for his weight, and 60% for height. I told the Dr I was a little concerned that he isn't eating as much as I think he should be. But he didn't seem to think it was a big deal since he is still gaining weight (2lbs in 3 months).

Poor thing had to have 4 shots. He didn't even cry, just got a little sad. I've decided that it doesn't make a difference if he cries or's STILL really hard to watch your baby get poked. What a little trooper...

All dressed and ready to go get his sucker. Not quite as happy as when we first arrived, but nothing a little treat won't fix. :)

So thankful every day for our healthy boy.


Melanie Hall said...

He's so darn cute. He looks like you, Sarah in the last photo. I miss him! Give him xo from Auntie Melanie

Kimberly said...

We need to plan some time together, River is getting so big. What a sweetie-pie.