Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I have been thinking a lot lately about how Christmas seems to change every year. Well, I guess Christmas doesn't really change...but how I feel about it. Especially now that we have River. I don't feel the need or want for stuff that I did in the past. (and not just at Christmas time) Presents have become less important and the stress level isn't quite as high. It's so amazing how a baby can totally change your priorities. I have tried this year to remember what we really are celebrating. And I will do my best to help River, as he gets older, to remember the same things.

With that said...we had a wonderful Christmas. Our first one as a little family.
We definitely didn't go overboard...but Santa did drop off a few cute things :)

Ooooohh, I love this little guy!

It's so cute to watch River play with trucks and cars. He loves them. This little truck came with a little boulder that it carried in the back (which happened to be his favorite part!).....don't worry, it was lost by Christmas night.


Denise said...

Oh my heck such cute toys. I wouldn't know how to buy trucks I don't think! Just kiddin. I am sure I would manage. As long as it is pink, we are good. He is so cute on that little 4 wheeler.

Nikki said...

Kids sure do make it worth it! Christmas is three times better for us now!

Ivy Owens said...

River is so precious,can't imagine life without him.,and to think he is almost a year old.Where has the year gone???

Jamie and Mike said...

So cute! What fun!! Where are the pictures of you and Bret!! Gotta have the Christmas morning, messy hair, pj's, eyes black from make up photos.