Saturday, November 14, 2009

He's mobile!

River is officially on the move! Up until last week he difinately got around, but it was just on his stomach...Kind of like an inch worm :). The other day I look down and there he was on all fours. Since then he's gotten pretty good at it! I thought for sure he was going to completely skip crawling and go straight to walking. I was wrong! Just wanted to take his own sweet time to get around to it! Guess I better keep an eye on the stairs!!

This is just a short video, but you get the idea...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

River's 1st Halloween.

River was the cutest little Dalmatian for Halloween. We stopped by my mom's for a bit, and then off to some good friends of ours for some YUMMY chili. It was a fun night!

Awww...he looks so sad in this picture. Maybe it's because everybody thought he was a cow!

Alright, enough with the pictures! (his face says it all)