Monday, July 20, 2009

American Idol concert!

If I were to say that I am a HUGE American Idol fan, it would be quite an understatement! And this year was no exception. Well, lucky me, Bret snagged 4 tickets to their concert (on the floor might I add!) We went with Jaron and Liz. I LOVED it! Such a great show!!! Each one of them did a fantastic job! I'm sure I seemed like I was 29 going on 13...but I really don't care. It was fabulous!

Kris Allen? Whatever...I don't even care. Ummm...ok, I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!! (Don't worry, Bret is well aware of this) :)


Russ & Candace said...

David Cook is coming to Idaho Falls next month! I would love to go but there is no way I'm going to convince Russ to go with me!

Tink said...

No Waaaaaaay! That's awesome! I'm a total AI fan! Glad you got to go.