Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Each year Bret and I travel to a different place for conferences that he attends for work. This year it was in California. It was especially fun this time because the new P.A. that Bret's group hired was there with his wife. Jaron and Liz are really good friends of ours, and we had so much fun with them there! We spent the week with them seeing the sites, eating, and shopping (but mostly eating). we even made it to Universal Studios even though I couldn't do much (being knocked up and all), but I managed to get in on a couple of rides. Poor Bret, I don't think he could even enjoy himself. He was pretty worried about me (which I thought was kinda sweet). We were going to try to do Disneyland, but after Universal Studios we changed our minds. Oh well, we'll save that for when junior is big enough to enjoy it with us.

Unfortunately I didn't get many great pictures. Most of them were at meal times. huh...go figure.

We even met a star! (101 Dalmations...I think??)

The 4 of us....eating.

ok..not seriously. Bret was a little (a lot) embarrased.

Cheesecake Factory. Bret always orders the biggest desert item on the menu. He couldn't just settle for a regular slice of cheesecake.

Quick visit in Vegas.

Bret's sister, Jamie and her family live in Las Vegas. Since that is along the way to CA, we thought we'd make a trip to visit them too. We flew to Vegas and spent the night with them on the way there and back. It was quick but fun. We swam in their pool, and Bret's niece, Cassidy, had 2 soccer games that we were able to go to. She totally kicked butt by the way. I was really impressed! Way to go, Cass!!

Heehee...there's a good chance Bret won't be speaking to me tonight.

I don't have a picture of the kids all together, so here's one of each of them. Such a cute family...

Little miss Carly.

Cheyenne and Carly.



I have no words for this. Just enjoy...
(What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...most of the time:)

Thanks for a fun trip, Jamie!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Good bye pre-school.

With a baby on the way, and the school year just starting Bret and I decided that I won't be returning to Challenger. I would've been quitting in December to stay home with the baby anyway, so what's a couple more months right? Although I am not about to complain about staying home, I can honestly say this was a hard decision to make. Last year was definitely NOT easy, but certainly rewarding. I thought better to bow out now, than to become attached to a new class and then have to leave suddenly. Now I can just enjoy these last few months and get things ready for our new little family member.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This is "officially" my friend Jennifer's daughter, Kaydance. I taught with Jennifer last year at Challenger and we became really close. The adoption hearing was this morning downtown. She had asked me if I would be there. It was really sweet, and of course (and I blame this purely on pregnancy hormones;) I cried. I was so happy for them.

This is Kaydance. She looked so cute in her new dress that her mommy got her just for this special day...

And their cute family of 4 now!