Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Angel Moroni

I got a phone call this morning from my sis-in-law, Denise. She told me that she was at the new Draper temple and that they were about to put the statue Angel Moroni on. I live pretty close to it so I went down, and about a half hour later they started. I was able to get some pictures of it. I'm really glad that I got a chance to see that. Thanks for calling, Denise!

"You complete me..."

This is very normal at our house. I just happen to catch it on camera this time.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our new friends.

A few days ago I was doing laundry and looked up out the window and I saw this guy. Well, that's really not that uncommon where we live but the wierd thing is when my dog saw him she went crazy (like she does every time she sees a living thing outside)and it didn't get scared and run away. Now I'm sure that deer heard (and saw) Indie running from window to window practically breaking through them. I thought that was a little strange since they usually get one glance at us and run off...like deer usually do right? Well not this one. So I thought I'd go out there to see what it would do if I came a little closer. When I did that it looked up at me long enough for me to take the picture and then just continued eating. So of course I went even closer to see what it would do...STILL nothing. I have never seen a deer do that before! They are usually long gone before I even have a chance to grab the camera! Well, I think Mr. Deer likes it here because he has come back every day since then.

Between that deer and these little guys (there are at least 6 more that aren't in the pic) who live in the rocks out there, Indie is like a bomb waiting to go off.